Active play is the best way

Using a fairly complex Excel formula I have calculated that it is 37.2 times easier to take my kids out to the park than it is staying home with them.

Being active & engaged is not only more enriching for them and me, but it also helps pass the time! Our bodies and minds are moving, and the momentum carries us for at least 2 hours.

Not bad right?

In Excel, I am all for creating systems so you never have to solve the same problem twice. HOWEVER, there are always new systems to create, improve, and optimize. Not only will actively engaging in problem solving keep your creative juices flowing, but the time you save and headaches you avoid will compound even further over the long haul.

For more on how to think like an Excel expert, and always stay engaged & active with your spreadsheets, leave a comment with the word “active” and we’ll get the ball rolling.

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