1-On-1 Training


  • Save 2 hours per week (past clients reported average savings of 45 min per day)
  • Learn how to “set it and forget it” so you never have to do manual work EVER AGAIN
  • Become the most valuable person on your team
  • Instantly become more attractive (nerdy is the new sexy)

How it Works:

  • One 2-hour session per week
  • Four sessions per month (8 hours total)
  • Fully customized curriculum based on your specific needs & learning style
  • High-Resolution screen recordings of every session
  • PC Excel, Mac Excel, Google Spreadsheets, or all the above

Pricing Options:

  1. “Starter”: 1 Month – $2,800
  2. “Save Time”: 2 Months – $2,700 per month (Save $200) [Most Popular]
  3. “Become an Excel Wizard”: 3 Months – $2,600 per month (Save $600) [Best Value]

See if 1-on-1 Excel Training is a good fit for you, by scheduling a free 20 min call: