Shir is a virtuoso teacher who makes Excel spreadsheets feel like a life-changing tool.

Charles B.
Founder & CEO at

Shir helped me create extremely impressive dashboards and reports to be used every week and every month. It used to take me hours or even days to prepare, and now it takes only seconds!

DeChantal J.
Account Executive at Imerex

The first time I was able to apply newly taught skills the next day at work. I've saved HOURS thank to Shir!

Michele O.
Tech Finance Executive at Unified Social

I thought I knew excel and then I took Shir's course and then I realized I had been lying to myself. I practically hyperventilated when I started realizing how much time I've been wasting. If you use excel at work, you need this class, period.

Bassam T.
Founder at Colipera

Shir has a highly practical and intuitive method in using excel. From beginners to experts, he can show you how excel can add value to anyone's personal and professional life. All I can say is that I want to learn more.

Robert J.
Software Engineer at Electric AI

Shir taught our class in a dynamic and interesting way. It wasn't a normal blah, blah, blah this is how your do this task type of class. It was interactive, informative, and interesting. I would definitely encourage others to take his class to expand their knowledge of the capabilities of excel.

Jamie W.
Human Resources at Execu Search Group

One of the few instructors I've come across in the Excel education world that I feel is concise, understands his audience, and extremely passionate about the topic.

Brandon L.
Senior VP at Macquarie Group

Shir was amazing! I was dreading going to the class because I don't consider myself an excel expert but I left the class inspired to learn more.

Kelly G.
Senior Manager at American Express

Shir knows his stuff and is passionate about it, which is exactly what you need from someone that is teaching you about spreadsheets.

Janice B.
Sr. Director at Managed by Q

Shir guided me through developing a program that helped me get a promotion at my company, a global, multi-billion dollar private firm.

Catarina S.
Foreign Exchange Reporter at Bloomberg

Shir created customized VBA examples and exercises for me that helped with an important project at work. He was professional and very personable. I highly recommend him.

Donna M.
Actuarial Analyst at Prudential

No one knows or TEACHES excel better than Shir. Whether you're an expert or just looking to get a handle on the basics, I highly recommend him!

Scott B.
Entrepreneur at

Shir has a unique ability to explain something that seems complicated on the surface and make it easy to understand.

Joe F.
Principal at Fairless Investing

Awesome teacher! Shir was organized and able to answer any questions the group threw at him.

Sara K.
Production Manager at CBRE

Shir is extremely knowledgeable in Excel, and presents the material in a fun, easy-to-learn way.

Brad T.
Global Procurement Manager at Coty

I've already used a pivot table to help calculate and categorize how much I made on some recent eBay transactions, and I'm significantly improving several Excel worksheets at work with Excel's table functionality.

Greg M.
Business Intelligence Analyst at

I now know the power of Excel and cannot wait to use what I have learned in my personal and professional life. Shir's enthusiasm for Excel is contagious!! You will leave each class saying "Excel Rules!!

Marie B.
Senior Market Research Manager at Golf Digest

Shir was affable, knowledgeable, and explained everything succinctly at a good pace and with a terrific attitude. I'm a big excel guy as it is and Shir's instructions are absolutely top notch. I'm wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone looking to learn Excel...and maybe Salsa.

Nathan G.
User Experience Designer at General

He's a pure excel genius at heart! The time you will save is incredible. It's worth learning the secrets of excel!

Danni G.
Founder at ACI-Resuscitation

Shir is just plain terrific. He obviously loves to teach and yes...loves and I mean loves Excel. Who thought learning Excel could be fun?

Chris C.
Director of Marketing at Clean Plates

Shir makes learning excel fun and the man KNOWS his stuff.

Trevor L.
Director of Marketing at Manhattan Prep

Learned tons of useful shortcuts plus the most important part - How to properly use Excel to organize and manage unsurmountable amounts of data that changes daily, in a sane way. Fabulous.

Pamela C.
Product Strategist & Designer at Code and Theory

Shir is a natural teacher. His passion for excel and education are infectious.

Jonathan L.
CEO & Co-Foudner at Inductly

This Excel class was fun; Excel is never fun! Even though I use Excel daily, Shir's class taught me some new tricks.

Haydee F.
Regional Director of Revenue Management at Commune Hotels and Resorts

Shir is one of the best teachers I've stumbled across. He doesn't just love the topics he teaches, he genuinely loves teaching. The class was funny and engaging. I don't just know more now, I know *why* that knowledge is important.

Dann B.
Co-Founder at TripExpert

Basically, think of Shir as Obi Wan Kenobi, Excel is the Force, and you get to be Luke. Pretty cool for an evening!

Georges J.
CEO & Founder at Bastille Agency