Month: February 2020

Shir pensive

The Hidden Cost of “Doing it for Them”

A few years ago I decided to revamp my website.

I approached my friend, who helped launch a technology school, and asked for help. They took a look around, popped the hood, and gave me an honest assessment of my website.

"This is beyond repair. You should declare technical bankruptcy and start over."

😩 This is exactly what I did NOT want to hear...

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Would You Rather Be Efficient or Fast?

Ever since I was a boy, I have been fascinated by efficient processes. Maybe that's why I loved those “Connect the Dots” puzzles so much? 🤔

Getting from point A to point B in the fewest number of steps always filled me with jubilation. I was a weird kid, I know.

Little did I know I would be laying the groundwork for my future business and life's mission of helping people save time by becoming more efficient in Excel...

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