Month: September 2023

Create a “sandbox” to promote creativity & familiarity

While waiting at the doctor’s office, Amina and I passed the time with the play kitchen. I love the open-ended nature of these kinds of toys, because it promotes so much exploration and creativity. It also creates a strong familiarity with the real thing (in this case, a kitchen).

As she grows up she will be more and more involved in the food preparation process so this is a great introduction. Another big benefit from the play kitchen is that it’s a safe space to experiment without risking getting hurt.

In Excel I always encourage duplication of project files for clients and students to safely explore, familiarize themselves with the details of the project, and of course to PLAY and let their creative juices flow. It removes all mental barriers, and best of all, it’s quick and free!

Have a question about how to set up your own sandbox? Leave a comment or send me a message.

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