Another route saves nap time

If you’re a parent you already know the crucial but fragile nature of nap time.

For everyone else, here’s a little context. Nap time plays a crucial role in the day to day functioning of any household with a small child. However, even a small distraction has the potential to throw off the timing of a nap, and as a result can derail the rest of the day (and night).

Now that we’re all on the same page….

On our way to the playground, my 10 month old son Barak was taking a little longer than usual to go to down for his nap in the stroller.

Mind you, had I entered the park while he was still awake, he would not have fallen asleep the entire time at the park, and maybe not even on the way home. In other words, the rest of the evening would have been pure chaos.

So, I did what any self respecting and sleep desiring parent would do – I took another route to buy us another 10 min of walking for Barak to fall asleep BEFORE entering the park. Fortunately, it worked! He slept for a good 45 min while his older sister Amina played on the swings and slides.

The lesson?

Having the ability to use an alternate route to get to the same destination is super helpful as a parent, as well as an excel user.

In a recent 1-on-1 Excel training session, I helped my client link multiple worksheets together. Instead of only having one approach that was too complex (e.g. INDEX and MATCH functions) I showed my client a simpler and more direct approach to accomplish the same task (e.g. simple cell references pointing to the desired cells).

Naturally, to celebrate we both took a nap :).

To learn more about filling your Excel toolbelt with multiple approaches to solving problems, drop me a line so can see if we’re a good fit to work together.

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