Plan on adjusting your plan

I had all kinds of plans for my kids this morning – we were going to visit the library, have some outdoor time at a nearby playground, and then meet up with my wife a little bit later.

Then reality kicked in – my son Barak fell asleep in the car before we got to the library, and 20 min later, my daughter Amina also fell asleep.

Instead of rigidly sticking to my original plan, and waking them up prematurely, which would have cast a storm cloud of crankiness on the rest of the day, I adjusted course. I let them both sleep in the car, picked up my wife, and we got lunch earlier than originally predicted.

The best part is that from my kids’ perspectives, everything was seamless and highly enjoyable. They will never know the adjustments what took place behind the scenes.

As far as I’m concerned, that is how it should be in parenting, just as in any Excel project. No amount of planning in Excel will take into account every possible scenario, so I have learned over the years to roll with the punches and adapt as needed.

Fortunately Excel is one of the most agile and powerful programs ever made, and with the right foundation of skills, it is fairly easy to make adjustments as you go to any project you are working on.

Looking some guidance on how to better roll with the punches? I can help with that! Leave a comment with “roll with the punches” and I’ll have my people call your people.

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