Stroller struggles

After 2.5 hours I finally fixed our Baby Jogger City Select double stroller. After years of wear and tear the brake mechanism finally broke. Fortunately no children were harmed!

Big thank you to Baby Jogger for sending a completely new replacement brake mechanism at NO EXTRA COST. Just one of the many reasons we love Baby Jogger, and recommend them to every parent.

Couple takeaways from the experience:

  1. There was a single point of failure in the brake cable, rendering the entire brake dysfunctional.
  2. The process of replacing the brake was not as clear or intuitive as I would have liked.
  3. Supporting your customers not only maintains trust, it also helps customers look past certain issues.

From the spreadsheet perspective:

  1. If possible, build-in redundancies or backups for a single process/calculation, so that if one fails there is another one in place to seamlessly swap in.
  2. Stress test your spreadsheets for common issues that might arise, and see if the process of fixing the problem is clear and intuitive. Create written step-by-step guides to fix, and/or bake in some extra clarity/instructions to make that process as intuitive as possible.
  3. Support your clients/stakeholders. If you make a mistake, fix it at no cost to them. Failing to do so will break their trust in you, and rightfully so.

Happy strolling!

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