Messy learning

Letting my kids get messy while eating is the cleanest decision I can make as a parent.

Allow me to explain.

Barak is right at the beginning of his super messy eating phase.

Amina is fortunately on the other side of her messy journey, where she feeds herself in a mostly clean manner. This not only keeps the mess to a minimum, it also frees up our time as parents to do other things while she eats.

Pretty awesome if you ask me.

If you lead a team, my advice to you is simple: let them get as messy as possible with their spreadsheets. Be sure to make copies first so they can make mistakes and break things with zero negative impact. Eventually they will become more proficient, independent, and clean with their spreadsheets. But first, they have to get messy!

To find out more about Excel team training, leave a comment with the word “messy” and I’ll hook you up with all the details.

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