Never too old to explore & learn

It is nothing short of remarkable for me to see my kids constantly exploring their environment and learning non-stop.

They instinctively push every boundary and test every limit to understand how things work. Whether it’s Barak playing with a bag of potatoes on the floor in the kitchen, or Amina forming a new & complex sentence with little regard to grammar (because let’s be honest, English grammar can be anything but intuitive sometimes), children are on a mission to learn and grow as quickly as possible.

As an adult, I can admittedly be a little impatient when I don’t learn something instantly. Fortunately, my kids remind me that it is a PROCESS, and that it takes time. Even though I don’t see the improvement as fast as I would like, the exploration is a key component of the learning process.

Even with zero guidance, if you just explore your spreadsheet, its vast number of features & formulas, you will learn.

Having said that, if you want to shortcut your learning process, I would be honored to be your guide on this sacred (albeit frustrating at times) journey.

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