Zoo mental map

After a nice filling lunch at the Bronx Zoo, the kids finally went down for their nap! Naturally I took advantage of the “downtime” to explore the lesser walked paths, and create a mental map of one of my favorite places in New York City.

I love exploring like this when I have time, because not only is it a great way to relax and get the creative juices flowing, but it also helps me create a fuller picture in my head of where things are, and how things connect.

That way, next time I visit the zoo with the kids I will be able to efficiently navigate from the brown bears, to the giraffes, to the Jungle World exhibit without getting lost in the African trail. I don’t know about you, but I call that a win.

In Excel, I always recommend that when you receive a new spreadsheet, you take some time to explore the different sheets, formulas, data connections, etc. to familiarize yourself and create a mental map. Doing so will create a fuller picture in your mind, and allow you to easily navigate to the desired area, and even fix issues if they arise because you know where everything is.

Want some help creating a mental map of a spreadsheet? I may know a guy who can help :).

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